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WattageWorks™ Electric Utilities Solutions

WattageWorks™ is a powerful and intuitive application framework specifically geared to the electric utilities marketplace. WattageWorks™ can help you efficiently and effectively manage processes ranging from Generation and Transmission Management to Scheduling, Marketing and Trading. It even has a GIS toolset that allows for extensive asset management and data analysis.

WattageWorks™ is a flexible, scalable, and robust system that is capable of meeting both the current and future business needs of the electric utility industry. Pat(s) Pending.

      WattageWorks™ Components:

Meter Data Management

View Manager Tool

Transmission Management

Generation Management


Energy Accounting

Counterparty Transactions

Marketing/Trading Services

GIS Products

The WattageWorks™ Framework incorporates a number of standard components that can be "turned on or off" based on the needs of each customer environment, allowing WattageWorks™ to be adapted to the unique business rules of each utility.

What does that mean to you?

  • Flexibility: Modular component design offers the ability to "plug in" components to customize current applications, and to meet future requirements
  • Less Risk, Shorter Time to Market: Project timelines can be greatly reduced by utilizing production-ready, previously tested and proven components
  • Increased Reporting Capability: WattageWorks™ open database structure allows for easy access to data via a number of reporting tools
  • Minimize Support Costs: WattageWorks™ utilizes table-driven business rules to minimize support costs
  • Scalability: WattageWorks™ incorporates robust J2EE, Java/OO and Oracle database technology to provide a highly scalable architecture to support future growth
  • Data Integrity: WattageWorks™ has the capability of notifying users when data entry or reporting problems occur
  • Security: WattageWorks™ provides for management of user/group permissions to various components in harmony with FERC orders

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