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Utilities Case Studies

Project Management

Project: Project Management

Celeritas provided project management consulting for a major utilities company to coordinate ongoing day-to-day activities as well as multiple projects and enhancement efforts. Celeritas provided project coordination services to ensure that all project activity was planned correctly and that progress was proceeding according to schedule.

The Celeritas project manager also developed and implemented new procedures and policies for projects which the client adopted and will use in the future. Extensive processes for disaster recovery, operational support and issue escalation were also developed in order to ensure smooth 24x7 operation.

Product Integration/Tuning

Project: WattageWorks Meter Data Management System

A large Midwestern utility (part of the Southwest Power Pool) needed enhanced capabilities to capture, review, approve and send meter data to its RTO (Region Transmission Organization) in order to participate in the energy market.

Celeritas provided application development, database and system configuration and implementation services to upgrade and install Celeritas' WattageWorks™ Meter Data Management product to help the utility company comply with the RTO's requirements.


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Project: WattageWorksRTOSS

Celeritas provided a large electric utility with implementation services and licensing of our WattageWorks™ RTOSS module. This allowed the client to download dynamic energy schedules from the RTO for internal use with the client's energy accounting system.

Data Feed, Application & Database Services

Project: SCADA/MV90 Meter Data Feeds


A major utility engaged Celeritas to provide consulting services to assist the client's MV-90 and SCADA groups in pushing external meter data feeds out to the controlling RTO of their energy market. Celeritas assisted with database design and the nomenclature required to allow clear representation of settlement locations and associated meter points.

Project: Oracle 10g RAC DBA

A large Midwestern utility was integrating a critical third party generation energy marketing application and wanted to implement it in a highly available, clustered database environment.

Celeritas was engaged to assess the current environment and to offer recommendations for approach, execution, documentation, and mentoring of the client's personnel. The implementation was an Oracle 10g RAC configuration with possible raw partitioning used to allow for operation in advance of a pending Oracle code release on this uncertified platform.

Project: Data Warehouse Requirements Gathering


A large Midwestern utility asked Celeritas to assist with analyzing business processes related to their Generation Services business unit. The analysis was initiated so that a data warehouse could be constructed in order to support strategic decision making around all aspects of the Generation Services business.

The initial effort included interviews of all Generation Services groups, including Fuels, Power Marketing, Energy Resource Planning, Risk Management and Energy Accounting. Celeritas also examined how PeopleSoft and regulatory data was used by these groups. Through this process, Celeritas helped the utility document their existing processes, identify inefficiencies and envision how existing data could be leveraged for strategic use by the company.

Celeritas created and delivered documentation outlining these areas and recommending technologies and an architectural design to support this effort.

Project: Energy Resources & Capacity Planning Software Development


A major electric utility needed Java software assistance implementing its strategy for bidding energy into their power markets. Celeritas developed Java BeanShell scripts for their industry applications, including PCI GenTrader®, PCI GenPortal®, and PCI GenManager® to customize the hourly and 7-day resource plan and capacity plan values submitted to the market.

The scripts modified energy ramp up regulation and ramp down regulation and GenTrader input and output values to take into account wind farm wind forecasts, as well as coal power plant operating bands associated with coal mills being in or out of service.

Celeritas developed Dashboard user interfaces and script libraries to support the review and manipulation of application data (stored in an Oracle database), as well as to support monitoring and logging of events in the system (a Java EE EJB application running in a BEA WebLogic container). Scripts were written to create templates that performed calculations supporting the electric utility's market offer strategy.

Project: Oracle Database Architecture

A large electric utility was re-architecting their Oracle RAC environment to a Sun clustered environment in order to improve performance for their PeopleSoft ERP, Utility Management Systems and billing system applications.

Celeritas was engaged to lead the architecture and rebuild effort for the Oracle databases and storage systems, as well as to oversee the system build process by third party vendors. Celeritas designed the Oracle database architecture, and the Sun cluster environment and storage layout. Celeritas also built and moved the PeopleSoft and Utility Management databases across various servers.


Project: Infrastructure Evaluation

An electric utility client called upon Celeritas to assist them with an overall evaluation of their DR system, Oracle database configuration, security mechanisms and network design for their internally developed Energy Accounting and Interchange Transaction Scheduling applications. Celeritas evaluated the Unix cluster for fail-over capabilities, evaluated the network design, determined shortcomings, and monitored Oracle performance. Celeritas delivered a detailed evaluation document, complete with prioritized recommendations.

NERC 1200/Sarbanes Oxley/Security Services

Project: Sarbanes Oxley - NERC 1200 Compliance


A local utility company engaged Celeritas to assist them with building a plan and implementing solutions in order to satisfy their Sarbanes Oxley and NERC 1200 compliance issues.

Celeritas provided project management, technical leads and implementation services in the areas of security, auditing, change control, disaster recovery and other IT policy. The project focused on their EMS system and network. A generic approach was utilized in order to allow policies, procedures and products to be integrated into other environments.

Project: EMS - NERC 1200 Security Review

The EMS department of a major utility company was concerned about securing their environment from both outside entry and other departments. The company lacked a sound security policy, as well as security policies for systems, networks and applications. Celeritas performed a comprehensive security evaluation in order to identify, document and recommend security policies, all of which were quickly implemented.

OMS/EMS Systems Support

Project: OMS - Microsoft Project Server Implementation

A large, Midwestern utility was using Microsoft Project at several different facilities to coordinate Outage Management tasks, but had no way to share project data across the organization, or to backup and recover information, especially during critical outages.

    Celeritas met with project engineers, understood their specific business needs, and designed an enterprise-wide, Microsoft Project Server implementation that allowed all planners, engineers, subcontractors, and mangers who used the system to create schedules, share project data, and create reports from the centralized database.

Project: OMS System Support

A local utility company had a 24x7 Outage Management System that ran in a Unix clustered environment with an Oracle database. Celeritas provided ongoing administration support for Unix cluster and Oracle, including patch management, upgrades, add-ons, performance tuning and troubleshooting.

Scheduling/Transaction Management

Project: Interchange Transaction Scheduler Redesign


A utility client recognized that an existing Interchange Transaction Scheduling system required a major rebuild in order to meet FERC regulations, to increase extensibility of the system and to improve system performance in order to process transactions during peak periods.

Celeritas provided project management and detailed requirements gathering, including a logical database design.

Celeritas then developed an object-oriented Interchange Transaction Scheduling system that integrated with the Southwest Power Pool.

Project: Counterparty - Sender/Listener Application

A large utility needed a configurable, XML-based messaging tool that would facilitate all types of market data exchanges with their counterparties.

Celeritas gathered the client's business requirements, then designed, developed and deployed a sender-listener application to send/receive market query/results data and move market data back and forth between the utility and counterparties. The design included an easily deployed solution with low infrastructure requirements for internal and external users.

Trading/Risk Management Systems

Project: Energy Trading Enhancements

A utility client wanted to do a rewrite of existing Energy Accounting systems due to regulatory changes mandated by FERC, and to increase the reliability of the system. In addition, the client wanted leadership and mentoring for their internal IS staff.

Celeritas provided project management, requirements gathering, logical and physical database design, mentoring and implementation support, all of which resulted in the creation of a reliable, extendable, scaleable Energy Accounting System.

Project: Weather Derivative Application

This application allows outside users to register an account, and then to begin creating weather derivatives by adjusting various measurement values to get the proper amount of payout for adverse weather conditions that might affect a company's profit potential.

The application provides businesses with the ability to hedge the risk of negative financial impact caused by adverse weather. It normalizes cash flow and provides customized options to meet specific needs.

Energy Tracking Optimization Systems

Project: Energy Utilization Tracking Application

The Automated Load Profiler System (ALPS) is an intuitive application that allowed one of our clients to monitor and predict real time energy consumption for a specified time period.

The graphical user interface features dynamic charting, thumbwheel displays, smooth slider bars, and the ability to select multiple locations to graph. The application integrates back-end business logic and database access via the web.

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