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Transmission Management

The WattageWorks™ Transmission Management system allows users to capture client-specific, transmission schedule related data as received from the client's associated RTO. Data sent from the RTO is captured into our WattageWorks™ database where it can be queried and reported. Transmission schedule data captured also may include: interconnect, substation, nominal voltage, capacity, nominal meter voltage data, etc.

Transmission Management reporting capabilities provide for quick and efficient interchange checkout with interconnected transmission owners, as well as the various municipalities and cooperatives that may be within a utility's control area boundaries. Reports can be edited by users, as required.

The Transmission Management system also supports interfaces to Energy Management Systems (EMS) for receiving after-the-fact actual interchange values to calculate dynamic schedules. Using data received from the EMS, Transmission Management can be set up to calculate and store these schedules for situations, such as generation co-ownership, load following, and loss payback agreements.

Transmission Management:
  • Supports the Accumulation & reporting of OASIS Reservations by tariff
  • Supports hourly OASIS uploads to Transmission Authority/Providers
  • Supports periodic reporting for the "Path of Scheduled Power" flow
  • Supports periodic reporting that describes NERC tags and Power Flow Schedules for any given path
  • Supports filtered Transmission Load Relief (TLR) NERC Tag lists
  • Supports hourly Interchange Accumulator Readings by Interconnection

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