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Transaction Management

Market Transaction Manager | Data Transfer Tool

Our Transaction Management products offer two different ways to communicate critical market and operational data with your Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs), Counterparties and other associated utilities and organizations. Using XML technology, these products make it possible to handle just about any type of data format.

Market Transaction Manager™

A new and easy way to seamlessly exchange information...

The WattageWorks™ Market Transaction Manager(MTM) is a flexible software solution that allows market participants to transmit and exchange critical market query instructions to the market, then receives and returns post-transactional market results. The MTM product is also configurable to most market or RTO interface specifications.

Using XML technology, we remove data file format dependency, so that any data may be transferred in any file format.

The Market Transaction Manager™ can be used for queries and receipt of:

  • Bilateral Schedules
  • Market Clearing Prices
  • Market Volumes
  • Market Schedules
  • and more!

Other Technology Benefits include:

  • Handles any data file format type: XML, CSV, etc.
  • Easy installation with packaged installation wizard
  • Web services-based architecture—XML, SOAP

Data Transfer Tool™

The WattageWorks™ Data Transfer Tool provides a flexible application that allows Utilities to transmit and exchange all types of critical data files, inside or outside of their organization, and in any file format. Typical market solutions include allowing Control Area Transmission Owners to send meter data files back to the market participants (or utilities) within their control area.

Typical examples of business problems that our Data Transfer Tool solves:

  • Send/receive ANY type of data file format to/from any RTO, Power Pool, etc.
  • Exchange critical information internally between legacy & third party applications
  • Easily receive or transfer ANY data file formats to/from other third party organizations securely
  • Eliminate inefficient business data transfer methods such as email, FTP, etc.
Other technology benefits:
  • Easily deployed internally & to third party clients with low infrastructure requirements
  • Ease of installation with packaged installation wizard
  • Web services-based architecture—XML, SOAP

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