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Meter Data Management System - Key Features

Feature Description

Meter Data History

The database has been designed so that an accurate history of the meter data can be maintained. This includes Settlement Location meter data that has been rejected, superseded (the meter data for the Settlement Location on an operating day has been resubmitted), or approved and generated into XML files.

Flexible Search Criteria The ability to track and view settlement areas, settlement locations, meter data, metering points, meter point data and net meter data.

Separate Approval and XML Generation Processes The user can approve as many files as needed throughout the day and choose to generate the XML files later. When the user starts the XML generation process, all approved files are converted into XML.

Automatic ZIP File Functionality If no programmatic upload of the XML files is available, XML files can be zipped for manual submittal. In order to minimize the steps required by the user, a ZIP file is created automatically when the XML generation process is run. This will zip up all of the approved files so that the ZIP file can be submitted via an RTO Portal.

Bulk Approval Capability The user can choose "Approve All" or "Clear All" on the Meter Agent Review screen to mark or unmark all of the files in the search results for approval.

Scalability The database is designed to allow for any number of Settlement Locations, Users, etc. This flexible architecture allows for additional scalability, such as multiple data feeds and data sources.

Audit Trail Functionality The system tracks what was changed, when and by whom.

Multiple Meter Data Sources The Meter Data Management System allows the Utility to configure a primary and backup meter point in the system. The system can be configured to validate the data across the primary and backup meter and will automatically use backup meter point data during the net (aggregation) process if no primary meter point data is available.

Data Validation The Utility can configure the system to perform data validation on the meter point data. Validation includes interval repeat count, out of bounds and rate of change checking.

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