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Utilities Marketing & Trading

Trading is designed to capture and maintain electrical energy deals, making these deals available to the Marketer for future optimization as long as the trade is open.

Traders enter trades as they occur.

Physical trades are submitted to the Interchange Scheduling sub-system for processing. Those deals that do not affect generation and control area boundaries go through counter-party checkout and submission for Billing.
Trading provides a number of features, reports and query capabilities for effective management:

  • Supports the creation of Deal sheets for pre-scheduling, real-time and month long (or greater) trades
  • Supports the creation of Contracts & Service Schedules and assigns Financial Partners to appropriate service schedules
  • Supports query capabilities to match related deals to facilitate profit optimization of existing deals
  • Supports the capability to modify data within a single deal and to combine deals as directed by traders
  • Supports the tracking of total megawatts bought and sold

    TradeMaker™ Patent Pending

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