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Interchange Transaction Scheduling (ITS)

Interchange Transaction Scheduling Management is a two-fold sub-system. It has been designed as two separate and fully functional units specific to the needs of the Generation and Transmission organizations of a Utility Company.

For the Generation group, it records transaction data that results from market activity related to the buying and selling of energy. When used in conjunction with the Trading/Deal Capture and Management sub-system, market transaction-related data is fed directly into the scheduling system for additional processing, and produces schedule transactions from trades that go physical.

The Transmission groups version of this system records and stores Interchange Schedules on a one-to-one basis with NERC tags. This provides for quick-checkout with the NERC Scheduling system. The Interchange data stored for the Transmission company is broken out into the number of MWHs per OASIS Reservation used on a given Tag. This allows for efficient checkout with the OASIS Reservation system. One component of the Transmission portion of this sub-system is an interface to a Regional Transmission Organization scheduling system. It accepts schedules (representative of a NERC Tag) from the RTO and converts them into WattageWorks™ Schedules.

Interchange Transaction Scheduling provides a number of features, reports and query capabilities for effective management.

  • Supports OASIS Reservations and NERC Tag Worksheets to determine optimum paths for transmission
  • Supports tracking of OASIS Reservations for Transmission Paths
  • Supports Counter-Party Checkout
  • Supports control area Interface Checkout
  • Supports Schedule Generation & Modifications
  • Supports NERC Tag to Schedule Relationship
  • Supports the automated generation of Transmission Schedules

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